Eric Shambroom Photography - Industriefotograf in Hamburg

You’d like to know a few things about me?

An American in Hamburg

I've been living and working in Hamburg since 1990. I was born and grew up in the USA, where I entered professional photography after studying art.

I am fascinated by industry -
A good picture needs more than a good eye and a good camera. It needs the photographer's unconditional interest in the subject. I strive to understand what makes your company, your products or services special. That way I can perfectly capture and express all this in the picture.

And when I'm not out and about for my clients, I teach at a vocational school for communication design.

Eric Shambroom

Meine Schwerpunkte

- Industrial photography
- Corporate Photography
- Commercial photography
- Image advertising
- Company portraits
- Business Portraits
- Scientific Photography
- Video
- 360 degree panorama photography
- Websites

Passionate about Industrial and corporate photography

Industrial plants, production lines, control centres, product development, research laboratories, warehouses, company headquarters - and the people who work there - that is my world. I photograph and film across many industries, on site in the companies or at representative locations.

Some highlights:
- Eric Shambroom Photography Hamburg: industrial and corporate photography, in Germany, Europe and worldwide Hamburg: Art college, Lecturer for photography
- Institute of Design, Hamburg: Lecturer for photography and video Boston, USA: Photo studio, specializing in advertising and corporate photography and
Video productions about artists and art-related topics for public television and museum exhibitions

Education: Minneapolis, USA: Photography and Film

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